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The Official Inland Empire
(Emergency) Communications Repeater
146.385 + PL. 146.2

IRLP Node# 3216



Fridays at 6:30 Pm ARRL Newsline (Automatically)


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In Southern California



We have added a new linked Repeater in 29 Palms. 449.580 ( - ) PL is 146.2 .

If you live in the area give it a try.


Click the Play icon to Listen to Keller Peak streaming audio.





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Echolink users use KE6TZG-R to talk and listento our repeater.

If you hear a   B  ( morse code b)  courtesy tone,
we are on back-up power.


If you hear a   G  ( - - . )  courtesy tone,
we are on Generator power.


Read more about repeater use guidelines...

View of Keller Peak

About Us

The Keller Peak Repeater Association is dedicated to serving our community via Ham Radio. KPRA owns and operates an open amateur radio repeater with an input of 146.985 and output of 146.385, located on Keller Peak at approximately 8,000 feet, in the San Bernardino, California, mountains. There is a 146.2 CTCSS tone required at this time.



We would like to invite everyone to check in take part in the various Nets that are held on this repeater. Below is a partial list of the Nets. Click here for more information on our nets.

Red Eye Net

For those who are up late (or up very early).

Hospital Net

This Net is intended for all of the regional hospitals and trauma centers to test their installed amateur radio systems.

Outdoor Adventure USA Net

This Net is for those who like to combine amateur radio with off-road fun.


The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network: Riverside/San Bernardino Counties Section.

National Traffic System Net

The ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) is a well-organized system for routing formal written message traffic (radiograms) from any point in the United States to any other.

On the lighter side, we also have...

Trivia Net

This is where you can sit back and unwind, learn a little, and have fun all the while.

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Are You Prepared?

Find out more about how you can prepare yourself and your family — at home, at work, or at play. Learn how NOW!.

Current Weather / Solar Index

Click to see Weather and Solar Data.

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We at KPRA are happy to make this page available. Please feel free to download any or all of the available documents. Enjoy and don't be shy.


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